Acne laser Treatment

Laser To Cure Teen Acne Scars

Teen bodies undergo tremendous changes in the maturing process and acne, unfortunately is a part of this process. Dealing with acne can start with onset of puberty but can carry through even long after puberty. Sadly, this is the time when teens want to look their best but acne snatches away all their confidence. If not treated effectively or timely, acne can even lead to long-term damage like spreading and stubborn scaring. In such a situation, the pimples not only scar your face but can have adverse psychological impact as well.

In the process of getting rid of acne fast, many teenagers try the wrong products which further escalates acne growth or scaring. Sometimes acne heals but what it leaves behind is stubborn scars, which are a painful reminder of your skin condition.

Earlier it was quite difficult to get rid of acne scars due to unavailability of effective treatment options but the scenario has completely changed in the last few years. Laser treatments in Cape Town have not only revolutionized the cosmetic industry but it has given a new hope to people with skin ailments. It is widely used for different treatments like laser hair removal in Cape Town, skin tightening etc. It also fades the scar by breaking the dark pigment in the spot.

Lasers are very intense monochromatic lights that have a limited wavelength. These monochromatic lights are used on the skin to stimulate the dermal fibroblasts. The fibroblasts are cells found in skin that can form connective tissues and facilitate wound healing. These fibroblasts replace the elastin and collagen that were lost due to scarring.

There are a high number of laser options available these days like Intense Pulse Light, Fraxel Dual Laser, CO2 Laser Treatment, V-Beam Laser and much more.

With such a high number of options available, it has become quite easy to achieve a flawless skin. An expert dermatologist will always be able to suggest an effective laser treatment while ensuring that you get flawless skin.

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