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Preventative injections in your 20s

This month, we’re answering all your questions about botulinum neurotoxin injections—yes, Botox®!—or more specifically, getting neurotoxin injections before the lines appear to help prevent wrinkles and lines from developing in the first place.

Effective and safe when used properly, preventative injections are exactly what they sound like: a form of injections in the face that reduces muscles from contracting fully, and effectively keeping wrinkles at bay.

Here’s how it works: If used regularly, over a prolonged period, neurotoxin injections will train your muscles not to make wrinkle-inducing expressions as aggressively. By becoming more aware of making the movement, you’ll be able to avoid it once the treatment wears off.

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As always, if you’ve been looking into non-surgical cosmetic treatments lately or if you have specific questions about treating skin concerns, the best thing for you to do is to reach out to Dr Alek or a cosmetic medical doctor you trust for more definitive instructions.

“Today we have the ability to tailor-make the end result. By treating certain muscles and avoiding others, and by changing doses, we can literally give everyone exactly what they’re looking for.” – Dr Alek Nikolic

Myth #1: You can be too young for preventative injections

Everyone’s skin ages at different rates and it depends on your skin type, race, genetics, and lifestyle. The best age to start getting preventative injections is when it first becomes a concern to you.

Myth #2: Neurotoxin injections are used when you start seeing wrinkles

It’s common for people in their 20s to start getting injections to suppress fine lines and wrinkles — instead of waiting for them to appear.

Myth #3: Neurotoxin injections are only meant for anti-ageing

Though commonly used for cosmetic purposes, neurotoxin injections also have multiple FDA-approved medical uses, including relief from jaw pain, headaches, an overactive bladder and excessive sweating.

Myth #4: Neurotoxin injections will paralyse your face

Neurotoxin injections look natural when administered correctly and only affect muscles at the precise region of each injection. The goal is to give a more relaxed and youthful appearance, without looking as though you’ve done anything.

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