Dermal Fillers

Using Cosmetic Miracles: Basic Facts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! We’ve all heard it said; but we do live in a society where appearances are quite important. Psychologists have purported theories that show a positive relation between a person’s appearance and their success rates in various scenarios from both personal and business instances.

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Botox Treatment

3 Benefits Of Using Botox And Fillers Treatment

The most common complaints people have as they grow older is wrinkles. If you are troubled by the wrinkles on your face and want to look younger, you can consider Botox and fillers treatment. Let’s know more about this facial treatment.

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All About Embracing a Younger Look with Botox

The advancement of medicine has presented society with a number of elective procedures to aid individuals in embracing the best version of them. Whether it is frown lines that you have developed over the decades or wrinkles, botox can help you overcome them. This blog tells you more about using botox to embrace a younger look. Read more

Botox vs Dermalfillers

Crow’s Feet: Botox® versus Juvederm®

Which is better?

When I see patients that are concerned about their crow’s feet wrinkles one of the questions I get asked fairly often is: Which is better Botox® or dermal filler such as Juvederm®?

To answer this, we do need to know how these wrinkles are formed and what is happening below the skin. So a very brief anatomy lesson is in order. Read more

post botox care

Post Botox Care Guidelines

There are specific guidelines that we need to adhere to immediately after our Botox treatment as this will ensure a reduction in potential side effects and improve the overall treatment results. Read more

botox treatment

Botox Treatment – What to expect for your first Botox treatment.

by Dr Alek Nikolic

Whenever I see a patient for the first time and they have never had a cosmetic treatment before such as Botox®, I have always noticed that there will be a varying degree of nervousness, anxiety and even excitement.
If you are considering a Botox treatment and the above sounds familiar, then I am hoping this article will make the entire process less worrisome and a whole lot more exciting. Read more