Botox Treatment

3 Benefits Of Using Botox And Fillers Treatment

The most common complaints people have as they grow older is wrinkles. If you are troubled by the wrinkles on your face and want to look younger, you can consider Botox and fillers treatment. Let’s know more about this facial treatment.

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Turn Back The Clock With Anti-Aging Cosmetic Treatments

ost of us fondly remember our younger days. It’s when life was relatively carefree with not much responsibility, when you did really crazy people and made friends who you still hold close. Not just life but the way you look as also undergone a sea change. The gorgeous eyes, rosy cheeks, beautiful smile could be getting hidden beneath the sagging skin. There’s good news for you! You can reverse the signs of aging with these cosmetic treatments. Read more

Botox vs Dermalfillers

Crow’s Feet: Botox® versus Juvederm®

Which is better?

When I see patients that are concerned about their crow’s feet wrinkles one of the questions I get asked fairly often is: Which is better Botox® or dermal filler such as Juvederm®?

To answer this, we do need to know how these wrinkles are formed and what is happening below the skin. So a very brief anatomy lesson is in order. Read more