For any facial area treated with Botox®, a number of variables, including specific aesthetic goals which are determined by the patient’s personal desires, influence the placement and number of injections. The distinction between wrinkle effacement and facial shaping is critical, as both or either may be achieved.

The end result, should suite and enhance the patient, from those that work in media, or on stage and therefore require certain facial movements, to those who wish very little facial movement, or anywhere in between.

Botox® Injection Sites Performed by Dr Alek Nikolic:

Cosmetic Uses in the Upper Face:

1.    Horizontal Forehead Lines
2.    Central Brow or Glabellar Frown Lines
3.    Periocular Lines or Lateral Canthal Lines (Crow’s Feet)
4.    Lower Eyelids

Cosmetic Uses in the Mid Face:

5.    Nasoglabellar Lines (Bunny Lines)
6.   Nasal Flare
7.   Nasal Tip Drop
8.    Melolabial Groove or Fold (Nasolabial Sulcus)
9.    Exaggerated Upper Gum Smile
10.   Asymmetric Smile

Cosmetic Uses in the Lower Face, Neck, and Upper Chest:

11.     Perioral Lip Lines or Rhytides
12.   Melomental Folds
13.    Deep Mental Crease & Chin Puckering
14.    Horizontal Cervical Lines
15.    Platysmal Bands
16.    Upper Chest Wrinkling
17.     Muscle Contouring:
18.    Jaw Line Recontouring (Masseter)
19.    Calf Recontouring

Other Uses:

20.    Botox® ‘Breast Lift’
21.    Hyperhydrosis
22.   Botox® ‘Neck/Face Lift’