Visia Skin Analysis

VISIA’s advanced technology provides meaningful skin evaluations, on-screen and printed reports, and tracks treatment progress.

Quantitative assessment of skin features:

Measure spots, pores, wrinkles, evenness, porphyrins, UV spots and photodamage

Grading of skin relative to peer group:

Compare a female or male patient’s skin features to other individuals of the same age and skin type

Reproducible facial photography

Ensure reproducibility of images between time points built-in positioning aids and standardized lighting

Multi-spectral imaging:

Uses standard white light, cross-polarized flash and UV photography to record and measure surface and subsurface skin condition

RBX™ Technology:

The new RBX Technology from Canfield provides extraordinary new detection, visualization and analysis of sub-surface melanin (UV Damage) and vascular conditions (Rosacea, Spider Veins, Superficial Veins).

Customized reports:

Provide patients with easy-to understand, customized reports including recommendations for treatment and skin care