Combining Botox and Fillers to get best skin results

Is your age catching up to you?  Does your mirror reflection disappoint you every time? You may feel just 20 inside but the outside appearance is telling you an entirely different story. As you age, your skin naturally starts losing its elasticity and radiance. In late 20s or early 30s you can actually start witnessing hollow, wrinkled and saggy skin. You may want to reverse the process or just do something about it without going for surgical procedures. Botox and dermal fillers have become quite popular in correcting the aging flaws but most of us don’t know that combining them can help in getting effective and long lasting results.
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Know The Misconceptions Revolving Around Moles

Moles are mysterious as well as dangerous. In old times, moles used to be associated with a number of superstitions.  If erupt in high number, moles can have a devastating impact not only on skin but psyche as well. Before you go for a treatment, it is better to develop a complete understanding and its underlying causes.
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Mature man in bathroom checking beard

All Men Must Know About These 10 Cosmetic Treatments

Regardless of gender or age, most people want to feel and look their best. This desire coupled with changing attitudes towards cosmetic surgeries is encouraging men to opt cosmetic treatments to achieve a flawless appearance. They are actively turning to plastic surgeries to get radiant skin, refined jawline and sculpted body. In fact, a number of cosmetic surgeries that are famous among women is also appealing a lot of men.
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Collagen: Ways to Preserve It for Younger Looking Skin

Our body’s most abundant form of protein, collagen is responsible for giving our skin its youthful bounce. But that’s not its only role, it is also found in bones, muscles, joints and even our blood vessels.

As we age, our collagen production begins to decline, leading to the formation of wrinkles and loss of elasticity in the skin. It further causes skin thinning and sagging in both men and women. Unfortunately, this means more visible cellulite, bonier hands, knobby-looking knees and a crepe-looking chest in women.

Health-wise, a loss of collagen can result in overall stiffness of joints and possibly joint pain. Also common is a loss of bone and muscle mass with weaker arteries that may lead to atherosclerosis.
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Botox Is For Oldies? Myth Busted

Botox is seen as an effective anti-aging treatment to prevent those unavoidable wrinkles and fine lines but a misconception that prevails across the world is that younger people shouldn’t opt for Botox . Why? Because you are too young to get it or you have scanned multiple websites mentioning case studies of oldies or pictures of older women getting it. Well there is a lot more you need to know about aesthetic treatments like botox and fillers, laser treatments Cape Town, thread lift Cape Town etc.

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Botox Injection

Minimize Facial Surgery Scars with Botox

Patients who are undergoing reconstructive surgery of the face can improve the appearance of facial scars with Botox or Botulinum toxin A. BTX-A injection is best known by brand name Botox and is widely used for the treatment of facial wrinkles or fine lines.

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A Brief On Botox And Dermal Fillers

Cosmetic injections work well to minimize wrinkles, especially if you are not considering invasive procedures. These can be used to gain natural, youthful effect on the skin.

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Dermal filler

How To Choose A Safe Place To Have Botox, Dermal Fillers & Injectable Treatments?

Botox and Fillers are highly demanding cosmetic procedures in the world. This is so because Botox eases the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face through repetitive facial movements leading to a youthful skin. People usually get worried about the botox injections as it might result in a frozen, plastic looking face, but that only happens when too much of the product gets injected. While if less botox is injected, it will smooth out the lines, leaving you with natural facial expressions. As far as Dermal fillers are concerned the reason for it’s popularity among the patients is that it adds volume to the cheeks and plumps up the lips

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Assessing the Differences Between Botox and Fillers for a Better Selection

If you are new to the realm of cosmetic treatments, you may be puzzled by the fine line of distinction between Botox and fillers. Both these treatments are intended to improve the appearance of your face using a light-handed approach. Here are the main parameters for assessing the differences between these procedures.

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Botox And Fillers

Common Myths About Botox And Fillers

Botox and fillers are two of the most popular cosmetic procedures today because of their numerous benefits and the fact that they can help restore facial beauty and keep you young for longer. But where something seems too good to be true there are also doubts that are bound to come up. For this purpose here are some common myths about Botox and Fillers that need to be set straight-

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