Cellulite Removal Treatment

Some Of The Most Popular Cellulite Removal Treatments

Cellulite generally affect areas like the thighs, booty and stomach. It usually occurs when body fat under the skin, push up through layers of fibers. Thus, creating a dimpling effect. There are a lot of devices or procedure that claim to make your cellulite totally disappear. But only a few of them are actually effective.

Cellfina- It is one of the best minimally invasive treatment. A needle-sized device is used to cut the fibrous tissues that hold your body’s fat together. This is done to smoothen out dimpling. You will start to see the results in about a week. It is clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite for at least two years.

Though there might be some temporary bruising, it is a procedure with excellent improvement to cellulite immediately, with lasting results.

Vela Shape- It is a hand-held device that uses infrared light to shape the body and reduce fat layers. It is considered a non-invasive treatment. This device is pressed on the surface of skin, with results starting to appear in about few treatments.A combination of infrared therapy and mechanical massage augments the lymphatic drainage. This makes the targeted area less puffy. Thereby, reducing the actual size of the fat cells and fat chambers. It’s effective on the thighs, butt, abdomen etc.

Cellulaze- This minimally-invasive procedure is designed to break down the structure of cellulite beneath your skin. It uses lasers rather than blades. A small laser is used to help increase skin thickness. Also, stimulate collagen production and flatten out fat. Results are supposed to last for about a year or two.

Dry Brushing- This cellulite removal treatment method involves rubbing a brush against the skin. The technique focusses on brushing cellulite-ridden areas with upward strokes. This is done to stimulate the lymphatic system while exfoliating skin. Thereby, boosting circulation and elasticity to reduce the appearance of dimples.

Cellulite Creams- These creams contain ingredients that claim to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. These creams might contain ingredients that dehydrates the fat cells just under the skin to make them appear less prominent. Few creams contain antioxidants which too helps to diminish the look of your cellulite.


Botox Is For Oldies? Myth Busted

Botox is seen as an effective anti-aging treatment to prevent those unavoidable wrinkles and fine lines but a misconception that prevails across the world is that younger people shouldn’t opt for Botox . Why? Because you are too young to get it or you have scanned multiple websites mentioning case studies of oldies or pictures of older women getting it. Well there is a lot more you need to know about aesthetic treatments like botox and fillers, laser treatments Cape Town, thread lift Cape Town etc.

Genetic aging and late teens

Getting Botox in the late teen may take the anti-aging challenge to extreme, but exceptions are always there. What if the person is genetically inherited to develop premature aging with specific kind of wrinkles or fine lines? You can have a better understanding by studying your family history and checking the family photos, if every member of the family has drooping eyebrows or similar wrinkles. This could be the exemplary case where Botox can be used prophylactically to treat this kind of inherited aging issues before it gets worse. Getting Botox earlier is far easier and cost effective to slow down the premature aging at the very beginning.

Botox in your 20’s

Healthy individuals generally don’t develop wrinkles or fine lines in their early 20’s but around the mid-twenties superficial lines starts appearing. Regardless of age, Botox injections can significantly erase fine lines and prepare muscles in a way that prevent facial over expression.  During this period, 1-3 preventive Botox injections work well.

Botox in your 30’s

This is the time when vertical lines form between the eyebrows, fine lines creep in around the eyes and creases across the forehead become more visible. In the mid 30’s, you may notice the settlement of make-up inside the deeper creases. Botox will help you regain your 20’s youthful appearance. Botox is recommended every 3-6 months, during this period.

Botox in your 40’s

During this time, when there is a significant loss of volume and thinning of the skin, making the wrinkles much more prominent and visible. Sagging skin becomes a major concern too. During this time, one may require additional treatments like micro needling to address the texture issue.

Wrinkles is a part of aging process which can be treated effectively with Botox. There is no age bar for Botox because it depends more on individual’s skin, lifestyle and genetics than age.

Skin Treatment

Types of Laser Skin Treatments and Their Benefits

Skin is the largest and the most visible part of our body. It suffers due to the use of harsh products and many other external and internal issues. Any problem, in whichever part of the body, will affect the skin for sure. Age is another factor that affects the skin. Several anti-aging products, medications etc. all promise to redress these skin problems. But most of these promises remain unfulfilled. So, people turn to laser treatments.

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Dermal filler

How To Choose A Safe Place To Have Botox, Dermal Fillers & Injectable Treatments?

Botox and Fillers are highly demanding cosmetic procedures in the world. This is so because Botox eases the lines and wrinkles that appear on the face through repetitive facial movements leading to a youthful skin. People usually get worried about the botox injections as it might result in a frozen, plastic looking face, but that only happens when too much of the product gets injected. While if less botox is injected, it will smooth out the lines, leaving you with natural facial expressions. As far as Dermal fillers are concerned the reason for it’s popularity among the patients is that it adds volume to the cheeks and plumps up the lips

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